10 good reasons to monitor your IS

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As an Information System Manager, one of the essential missions is to maintain in operational condition its computer equipment and infrastructure.

The solution of ServiceNav supervision is designed to help you with this daily task.

So what are the reasons why you should choose ServiceNav to monitor your IT assets?

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Here are some of them:

1 - Have a real time visibility of the IS.

Instead of connecting to all your administration consoles, you might as well have a central application that summarizes all your problems

2 - Anticipate and reduce service interruptions

By adding adapted control points with alert thresholds, you can anticipate breakdowns.

3 - Facilitate diagnosis in case of failure

By using our service weather reports you can graphically visualize the different problems and make a precise diagnosis in a few seconds. 

4 - React quickly in case of an incident

Email, sms, push or syslog notifications will alert you as soon as an event occurs.

5 - Reduce losses and costs related to service disruptions

With our stock models it is possible to carry out curative actions : restart a process in error, launch a command on a server ...

6 - Facilitating communication

With the availability and performance reports you can communicate to your management or your technical teams, provide information on the availability of user services, compare them to the commitments defined in the outsourcer-customer relationship, anticipate medium-term values, ....

7 - Produce monitoring indicators

Numerous indicators are available, each control point can bring up one or more metrics/statistics for a fine and detailed analysis of the behaviour and consumption of your IS.

8 - Serve as a problem management tool (ITIL - root cause elimination)

With our ITSM integrations, it is possible to declare your tickets directly in the interface and to follow them. You can also add comments on your checkpoints and keep the history.

9 - Increase the availability and reliability of the infrastructure

The calculation of the availability rate of user services is used to make decisions to make your IS more reliable. The changes are argued.

10 - Improve the perceived quality of service

You must always keep in mind that it is the user experience that will be the first indicator of your IS. By anticipating failures you can improve this feeling.

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The 11th good idea: combining supervision and support (Organizational point of view)

In case of malfunction, the supervision system allows to send messages on the supervision console, to display on a monitoring screen or to send an alert to the support, and this 24/7

With a supervision associated with a 24/7 active support service, a malfunction that occurs outside office hours is treated by the support and the users are notified.

This is why it is interesting to associate the steering and monitoring department with a support department.

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