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Global-Api-Value & Global-Api-Status

Informations générales Les 2 modèles de services fonctionnement de la même manière. Global-Api-Value traite un retour numérique et le compare à des seuils, Global-Api-Status traite un retour texte et le compare à des valeurs attendues Les 2 modèles de services supportent les API au format REST JSON (qui est un standard du marché) et pas …

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Mass import and update

Since version 4.11, ServiceNav offers a mass import and update functionality, dedicated to facilitate the integration of new equipment and modifications on large volumes. Accessing the Imports menu The user role must have the right to access the menu item. Go to the Configuration level > ...

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Asking for assistance

At any point in the application, it is possible to create an application. To do this: Click on "Need help?" at the bottom right of the screen. The application entry screen opens The selected company depends on the user's rights (visibility of child companies). If this right is active, it is possible to change the ...

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Consult an equipment data sheet

An equipment card corresponds to a Park Item in the CRM backoffice. It can be consulted by an RPC user (partner) from the website platform. The information (including the PJ) of the equipment is thus visible during an intervention. Access the "Support" menu Click on The equipment list opens Filter the list or select an equipment ...

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Supervision of ServiceNav

Introduction Objective: Configure the ServiceNav monitoring solution by itself. This document is intended for administrators of the ServiceNav solution. It describes the control points to be deployed on the ServiceNav solution devices to ensure that they work properly. For security reasons, some checkpoints may be deployed on the ServiceNav solution to ensure that the equipment is working properly.

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Using the dashboard Technician

As a technician, it is possible to use the "Technician" dashboard in order to. To do this, go to the "Overview" menu and click on "Technician Dashboard". It is divided into 4 areas: Action detail This block displays the details of the action selected in the schedule. By default, the next scheduled action is selected. It is ...

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Using the dashboard Direction

As a manager/member of the management team, it is possible to use the "Management" dashboard to obtain aggregated indicators on the overall ServiceNav activity. To do this, go to the "Summary" menu and click on "Management Dashboard". The dashboard is divided into different areas Request Tracking, which integrates the Request SLA tracking donut, which ...

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