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How to monitor an Apache server?

Here are the prerequisites for monitoring Apache with the service templates: Apache-Data-Rate Apache-Requests-Rate Apache-Busy-Idle-Workers On the Apache server activate the mod-status with the command: a2enmod status Restart or reload Apache if necessary. To restrict access to its information to your domain (e.g., you must add the following code in the ... file

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Setpoint configuration2

Use of setpoint URLs

Objective How to use instruction URLs. Prerequisite Have setpoints on a web platform. Setpoint URLs can be applied to devices and unitary services. They are defined in the "Configuration" section. The objective of these URLs is to point to a web documentation, indicating the treatment to be done.

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Monitor Azure metrics via APIs

ServiceNav allows you to monitor your Azure PaaS objects using the APIs provided by Microsoft. Here are the supported objects:App Insight Name ServiceNav Metric Name Unit Description AI.browserTimings/networkDuration Network connection time for page load Milliseconds Time elapsed between user request and network connection. ...

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