or the use of artificial intelligence in the field of IT supervision operations.

Take advantage of the latest advances in AIOps computing to implement Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. And give new perspectives to your monitoring tool.

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Artificial Intelligence

to monitor your IT performance.

How does ServiceNav use Artificial Intelligence? By exploiting the different levers of AI, such as aggregation, analytics, algorithms, machine learning...


A treatment in real time
of all your data to give you analytical power.

Only an application architecture built from the start to handle the volumes and variety of monitoring data in real time can meet these AIOps challenges. This is the promise of the ServiceNav platform architecture.

The first use case on which our R&D teams applied the capabilities of the AIOps platform
ServiceNav: alert forecasting.

Alert forecasting is a feature recently developed by our R&D team, by implementing AIOps within the ServiceNav tool. The objective is to anticipate the arrival of alerts, to allow preventive maintenance even before the alerts are triggered.

Forecast 1

monitoring platform AIOps

AIOps monitoring platforms combine the collection of multiple data sources, big data and machine learning architecture, and a unified interface to offer a unique experience to IT production users and IT service consumers. The development of ServiceNav is part of this revolution and aims to produce advanced scenarios, without sacrificing the ergonomics and simplicity recognized by our customers: reduction of false positives, detection of anomalies, determination of causes.

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