Anticipate storage saturation with the ServiceNav monitoring tool

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Use performance reports to track your storage space

Storage is a critical component of your IT, so it's important to keep track of it.
ServiveNav's performance reports allow you to monitor the evolution of your storage spaces over several months and to proactively anticipate their saturation.

How do you do it?

Your storage performance report in a few steps :

The following example illustrates the generation of a performance report measuring the storage space utilization allocated to the LUNs of a DELL storage array.

Putting your storage array under supervision :

Add to the supervision your storage bays and LUNs according to the technologies used:

Generate your performance reports:

In the configuration > Reportingclick on Add

Reporting type tab :

- Type of operation: Report
- Content Model: Select Performance Analysis
- Title: Choose a title
- File format: Check Pdf
- Analysis period: Choose an analysis period

Equipment tab :

- Availability information: Check Include or Exclude
- Selection type: Choose by equipment or by category:
o By category: Choose the SAN / NAS category or other in the case of a vCenter
o By equipment: Choose the equipment directly from the list.
- Criticality: Choose criticality
- Label: If your storage bay is tagged with a label (e.g. STORAGE), select the corresponding label.

Services tab :

- Selection type: Choose by category or service
- Choose Criticism
- Add category Disc or the

Shipping policy :
- Define a sending policy if necessary.

Use your performance report:

The evolution of daily averages over the month :

The evolution of monthly averages over the last few months:

The graph above shows us a clear upward trend since November 2017 and a risk of storage saturation !!!!

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