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Happy New Year 2021!

The supervision of servers at the heart of your company

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Integration with Slack: Why and How?

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Why monitor an Office365 environment?

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Happy New Year 2020!

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VPN and VDI monitoring with ServiceNav

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Supervision as a tool for enhancing the value of IT services


Identify network bottlenecks with Top Lists

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Supervision in an era of climate change

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Managing Parent-Child Relationships with ServiceNav

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Happy Holidays

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Application performance: when technical supervision and application supervision become one

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The scalability of the platform, an essential element when choosing a monitoring solution.

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Supervision and changes, crossed destinies

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Application mapping

CdS follow-up

ServiceNav for Service Centers: Center tracking can now be integrated

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Supervision: manage the crisis, not suffer it anymore

Coservit welcomes you at IT Partners

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Cloud and IT supervision of your IAAS and PAAS servers

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How to use our support portal?

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Monitoring your network with ServiceNav

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Monitoring Azure IaaS, Azure PaaS and Internal IT: Case Study

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Supervision: Proposing a roadmap for choosing the right tool - Part 2

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Supervision: Proposing a roadmap for choosing the right tool - Part 1

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Monitor your equipment with SNMP

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Supervise WiFi

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How a ServiceNav "POC" works

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Retail, Healthcare, Banks, Construction: Common IT supervision issues

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ServiceNav, its mobile application and on-call duties


NoSQL, engine of supervision

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10 good reasons to supervise your IS

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Nutanix Services Weather

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Steps in deploying a monitoring solution

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False positives in supervision: where to start their treatment?

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CIO challenges: how to combine existing and new Hybrid Cloud infrastructure?


Monitor network traffic and target bandwidth usage

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False positives in supervision: What if we set it up correctly?

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The new challenges of MSPs related to Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud?

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False positives in monitoring: what are the challenges and ServiceNav's solutions?

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Use the operational instructions to better control your IS

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Service Weather: Blocking or Degrading

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Hypervision mode: PRTG integration by ServiceNav

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The role of supervision in support processes

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How do I use the operating report?

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Better communication with management

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Supervision: from IT to IoT

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Crisis communication - Supervision, the No. 1 tool for users and service providers.

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The different jobs in IT supervision

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How to use the SQL-Request-integer template?

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What are the advantages of SaaS?

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Managing SNMP Traps in ServiceNav

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From technical to functional, from supervision to hypervision

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How to use SQL-Request-string templates?

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Supervising a Web application with ServiceNav

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Why Implement a ServiceNav BOX in your Amazon Web Services environment?

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SaaS or On-Premise: Visible versus Hidden Costs


The usefulness of the census module

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Hybrid supervision and infrastructure

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Hypervision versus supervision

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ServiceNav and video-surveillance - IoT supervision: a must

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New: User Services Availability Report per Day

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How to provide value-added service with business supervision?


CRIP Annual Convention - Supervision: "AI and Predictive Analysis for IS Operations and Management".

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Supervision in SaaS mode or OnPremise?

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Centralize your critical alerts in a Syslog

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Supervision at the service of the professions

Integration of ExaGrid equipment in the ServiceNav catalogue

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Integrate service weather with Sharepoint - webpart sharepoint ServiceNav

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Unified view of services for the CIO: a guarantee of efficiency


How to create your own supervision models in Powershell - Global-PS-Status?

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Coservit will be present at the IT PARTNERS 2018 exhibition


The activity report: the report on the operation of supervision.

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Anticipate the saturation of your storage with the ServiceNav monitoring tool.

Capacity Planning Blog

ServiceNav for Capacity Planning

The importance of generic plugins

Cloud Smart Support Center Offer

The Smart Support Center project

user experience

How does user experience monitoring make it possible to be even more responsive to users?

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IS supervision: why use action models?


Model your Nutanix Cluster with the ServiceNav monitoring tool


Fully use IT weather

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Service Weather Modeling for VMware Infrastructure

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Supervision of connected objects in urban environments: The case of airport car parks.

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IT Supervision in 2018 with ServiceNav


Naturex oversees its IS internationally with Coservit's ServiceNav solution.

Coservit is pleased to participate in the Cercle Informatique & Juridique CIJ 2017!


Simplified box creation

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Creating a ticket on services associated with a piece of equipment

The positive impact of probe templates on ServiceNav deployment

The importance of relationships in IS governance

Why interface an ITSM tool to ServiceNav?


Map your equipment and services with the MAP module

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Open your tickets directly from ServiceNav

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IT Supervision in the Cloud Age

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Dashboard Service Center

Supervision & IoT: the challenge of today's and tomorrow's DIs

Why and how to monitor application availability and performance?

What is computer hypervision?

Watchguard ServiceNav

WatchGuard and Coservit Sign Partnership Agreement

Manage alerts from your IT supervision

The Coservit support portal is evolving

How to set up effective IT supervision?


IT Supervision: What's the alternative to Nagios?

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ServiceNav CC: Providing the right tools for sales reps to renegotiate support contracts

IT supervision, at the heart of the ISD's new challenges


ServiceNav Customer Care - Follow-up of satisfaction surveys

Project Feed

CC ServiceNav & Project Management: from order to delivery

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How ServiceNav Customer Care enables support technicians to detect opportunities and simply pass the information on to sales staff.

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Breakfast on Issues of Decision-Making Supervision

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How does Service Nav Customer Care help managers track time spent by users and quantify a ROI per activity?

Presentation videos ServiceNav Customer Care website

New Documentary Space for NCCS

ServiceNav Customer Care - Survey on product developments

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Viadéis Services becomes ServiceNav

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3rd Edition of Coservit at IT Partners 2014

Scheduled maintenance on 16/01/2014 at 8pm.

Viadéis is in the Express with its CRM module

Update for the SaaS environment on 21/05 at 8pm

Coservit welcomes you at Sage Expo!

Use equipment models: accelerate your deployments...

Fujitsu PRIMERGY service models available on the SaaS platform

Viadéis™ Agent Services: even faster...

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While the epidemic lasts, ensure the availability and performance of your IT services for teleworking, with ServiceNav!

Following the government's call to mobilize to help businesses overcome the current health and economic context, we help you, free of charge, to ensure the complete monitoring of your teleworking environments: VPN, VDI, Teams, Skype Enterprise, Citrix... Objectives: collection, availability and usage indicators, dashboards to support your communication.
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