Having a Services ERP and control of the support chain, decompartmentalize access to information between teams.

The Context

Established since 1991 in Auvergne and one of COSERVIT's first partnersABICOM is a key player in the integration and distribution of IT equipment and services.

The company has 50 employees and a turnover of more than €12 million.

ServiceNav is a constantly developing product, and we have communicated our functional requirements for future versions.

The problem

Historically, when the hotline was set up, ABICOM employees quickly had the need to client supervision under contract.

The tool in place was not satisfactory.

The main objective was to demonstrate a greater proactivity in order to anticipate malfunctions in the customer base.

Subsequently, there was also a strong need for a tool offering a 360 view for the sales teams and the service centre, in line with a logic of ERP services. It's the MATRIX project.

Business challenges

The evolution of the tools around the service has taken place in 3 main phases.

The Phase 1 was the acquisition of ServiceNav monitoring in 2010to deliver a managed service to a major customer. This service integrates the maintenance in operational conditions and evolutions, ServiceNav is the support tool of this service.

The choice of the solution was based on the richness of the proposed catalogue, the reporting offer, and the general ergonomics.
The geographical nearness teams was also an asset in the initial implementation.

Why ServiceNav?

The Answer

This supervision base then enabled ABICOM to rationalize its management of the workstation pool by implementing a tool dedicated to change management (Phase 2)

The choice, in 2016or ServiceNav CC and the module support was done in continuity with the use of ServiceNav monitoring. It represents the Phase 3.

ServiceNav's integrated approach provides a single account for both the customer and the technician, dedicated to the various uses of the web portal: supervision, creation and follow-up of assistance requests, on-site interventions, reporting.

The native link with the backoffice (based on Sage CRM) was relevant insofar as the single customer base was to be interfaced with a SAGE ecosystem (Commercial Management / Accounting), in a single basic Commerce/Technical context.

COSERVIT's experience in Service, Supervision and CRM was also an asset.

COSERVIT's approach to this project has allowed for continuity, as the solution implemented in 2010 is still in use, up to date, and interfaced with the one deployed in 2016.
The key features of the solution, for your uses

  • Enable proactive improvement in incident escalation, reduce the risk of production stoppages
  • Improving the quality of service
  • Weather of user services

CRM / Support module

  • Communicate between technical and commercial teams, standardize the level of information
  • Extranet portal for end customers: entry and follow-up of requests
  • Extranet portal for technicians: signing of work orders on mobile touch devices

The benefits

Measurable benefits of our products

The actions carried out in ServiceNav monitoring allow us to anticipate and reduce malfunctions, and therefore significantly increase the quality of the service offered.

The module support offers ABICOM's customers a better follow-up of the requests and a reinforced interaction with the technical teams, participating in the loyalty.

The native link with the backoffice (based on Sage CRM) has enabled a real decompartmentalization of informationThe result is time savings and better quality information between the sales and technical teams.

ABICOM believes that the ServiceNav offer has strong potential, which is still under-exploited for internal reasons, and will be looking over the coming months and years to ramp up its advanced functionalities.

As long-standing partners, the COSERVIT teams have a good ability to synthesize and understand needs, coupled with strong business expertise.

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