Marseille Provence Airport

Using ServiceNav's "Service Weather", the MPA measures the availability of business services.

The Context

Information Systems Director Frédéric Henry and Project Manager Florette Mugenzi tell us how they use ServiceNav, including the unique functionality of IT Weather Services users to achieve their goal: guarantee the operation of the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over the entire technical infrastructure.

Marseille Provence is a very busy airport that welcomes millions of customers every year. "The diversity of our IT systems has continued to grow and become more complex. We have to guarantee the operational maintenance of 10,000 elements, whether they be applications, computers, terminals, switches, servers or cameras," says Florette Mugenzi, Project Manager.

Marseille Provence Airport in figures :

  • a contribution of more than €2 billion to the regional economy,
  • more than 8 million passengers per year (3e provincial airport)
  • more than 50,000 tonnes of aircraft (1er provincial airport for express freight)
  • more than 5,500 employees
  • a 660-hectare site
 We plan to use the tool to quickly diagnose problems and thus apply the right procedure (resolution or escalation).

The problem

This growth poses a significant challenge to the team responsible for anticipating outages and reacting quickly to meet agreed service levels for all customers and users.

"The airport operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we must ensure the availability of the technical infrastructure. We have a Technical Control Room with a night shift supervisor. This centre, faced with critical incidents of very diverse origins, has to record all technical incidents (videos, car parks, networks, applications, electricity), analyse them and take corrective measures. »

Frédéric Henry, Director of Information Systems at Marseille Provence Airport

Business challenges

In 2015, the Marseille Provence airport installed ServiceNav to monitor its information systems and current technical infrastructure.

With the Service Weather functionality, Frédéric Henry and his team can report on the status of their key networks, systems, applications and indicators to determine the overall health of all airport services. Our goal," says Henry, "is to provide the shift manager and his team with aggregate computer data that can be easily interpreted at a glance and to communicate the right information to the right teams at the right time. »

"We plan to use the tool to quickly diagnose problems and thus apply the right procedure (resolution or escalation). We need to provide him with evidence-based diagnostic support for non-specialists. »

Frédéric Henry, Director of Information Systems at Marseille Provence Airport

Why ServiceNav?

The Answer

Over the years, Frédéric Henry and his team have used several monitoring products, such as WhatsUp Gold®, Microsoft SCOM, BMC Patrol and HP OpenView, to meet evolving technological requirements. These products have given them a lot of trouble, both in terms of maintenance and interoperability.

In 2014," explains Frédéric Henry, "we decided to undertake a supervision project. First of all, we defined the functional requirements for all potential users: support teams, production, shift supervisor, service control, the report generationthe head of operations and the technical director. »

The benefits

Following a competitive bidding process, the Director of Information Systems selected the bid from the RDI Group, which proposed ServiceNav. "This solution, with its unique reporting interface, the Service Weather, met our functional requirements. What attracted us to ServiceNav was the innovative aspect, its simplicity, ergonomics and its possibilities. increase the supervision perimeter with the connected objects. »

The RDI Group was offering a tool that they were using themselves in a production environment and therefore their experience and expertise with the tool was reassuring for Frédéric Henry and his team. « Nothing can strengthen our confidence in our support provider more than his field experience with the product. »

My team has a good command of the tool and we would like to extend the scope of supervision to all our technologies, also to other business applications, as well as to the analysis of user experience. »

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