Orléans Regional Hospital Center

Orléans Regional Hospital Center chooses Coservit's ServiceNav monitoring solution

The Context

The implementation of an IT supervision allowing an efficient and proactive management of information systems is today a necessity in many sectors of activity.
Supervise 300 servers and 100 applications
The Centre Hospitalier Régional (CHR) d'Orléans has a regional vocation linked to its high level of specialisation and its high-performance technical facilities. It combines a function of routine care for the population in its sector and a function of appeal and second-degree care for the other establishments in its area. The IT department has 33 people, 300 servers and 100 applications. The DSI (Information Systems Department) provides a support service to all the other departments of the hospital with the aim of maintaining the HIS in operational conditions, often with curative actions, which are increasingly desired as a preventive measure. The managed volume represents 3,000 workstations for 5,000 agents, the production servers and databases, all applications and the entire network infrastructure.

We wanted to monitor our IT infrastructure (servers, database, network) in order to be proactive rather than reactive in terms of management and maintenance, as previously we were unable to anticipate outages.

The problem

Confronted with important issues, the health sector is highly concerned. In accordance with Digital Hospital prerequisites, and in particular indicator P2.2, health care institutions must produce reports on the availability of applications within the HIS (hospital information system).

Business challenges

We didn't really have a tool to supervise our systems," says Armelle Quinty, "so we thought about the following areas:
"We wanted to monitor our IT infrastructure (servers, database, network) to be proactive rather than curative in terms of management and maintenance because we could not anticipate breakdowns. Within the framework of ISO20000 or Digital Hospital, we wanted a tool for traceability, SLA tracking and application availability rates. »

Why ServiceNav?

The Answer

The ServiceNav global IT supervision software meets the three criteria expected by the
Orleans CHR :
Number and relevance of the proposed functionalities, Ease of use and ergonomics, Accessible price.

The key functionalities of the solution, for "health" business uses

  • Ease of automated census (no import file),
  • Native pre-configuration of standard control points (default monitoring CPU, RAM, etc.)
    and disc),
  • Ease of adding custom control points (specific monitoring of directories or
    of files),
  • Ease of adding custom actions (automatic backup of all configurations)
    network switches),
  • Email alerts of all notifications (critical status and alert),
  • Ease of visualization of the evolution of the control points (size of the use of the disks).

The benefits

"The automatic calculation of the availability rate per business service required 1 FTE bi-annually, which is now integrated into our business processes,
Having an IT infrastructure monitoring tool has enabled several preventive actions. Being able to inform that a disk is about to reach its capacity is very well perceived by the other services of the ISD and allows anticipating production stoppages. Some manual and repetitive human actions have been replaced by an automated action. »

Some manual and repetitive human actions have been replaced by an automated action.

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