Iliane - From ServiceNav OnPremise to ServiceNav SaaS: a platform ready for AIOps

The Context

Iliane is an NSE providing hosting services, expertise and operational excellence for its VSE, SME and Regional Key Account customers. Iliane was created 38 years ago and now has 7 branches in the Grand Ouest and Centre-Val de Loire regions. The company has 140 employees who contribute to the achievement of a constantly increasing turnover, of more than 41M€ in 2020.

Iliane specializes in the implementation of Hybrid infrastructure, cyber security, and provides its customers with a full range of services such as change management, proximity gestures, assistance and telephone support and also in the context of this testimony: supervision.

"The guidance and expertise of ServiceNav consultants allowed us to set our approach to supervision to music. The partnership between our two companies is strong and allows us to establish a fair relationship. We are resolutely oriented towards a common goal of customer satisfaction".

The problem

Iliane has been using ServiceNav OnPremise white label for its managed services since 2012. With the evolution of the market, Iliane has been offering shared hosting services for several years now, including: IaaS, SaaS, backup, messaging, security... These offers are also supervised with ServiceNav.

This supervision was above all technical, rooted in history, and no longer corresponded to the identified needs for customization and a business approach to the supervision of our end customers.

Business challenges

Today, Iliane's services are clearly focused on monitoring the availability of business services and the operation of customers' critical applications. The objective is to give our customers' CIOs measures of how their users feel.

Martial Babilaëre, Director of Services at Iliane comments: "What made us migrate from ServiceNav OnPremise to SaaS mode, beyond the technical aspects of platform availability [Coservit is committed to an availability of 99,75% editor's note], is the notion of automation in version upgrades and therefore the availability of new features in real time with real and obviously non-regression tests on existing probes/checks.

As a service provider, it is our duty to ensure continuity of service on the existing system and to offer new functionalities to our customers as quickly as possible. »

Why ServiceNav?

The Answer

"All monitoring solutions know how to practice technical supervision. ServiceNav has been able to stand out mainly thanks to its application supervision, business oriented and its vision of the future:

  • The weather of the services: is the measure of the quality of their IT services. Once the measurement has been made, our Technical Account Manager (SDM) consultants analyze the reports to propose progress plans as part of the continuous improvement of services in order to increase the availability of "Business Services" and thus increase the satisfaction of IS users;
  • Big Data Architecture: using a SaaS service it is reassuring for Iliane to know that the platform is scalable, using new technologies;
  • AIOps: false positives are a black spot in every monitoring solution. The Coservit approach with automatic threshold adjustment helps us to reduce false positives by 60%. The time saved allows us to focus on value-added business oriented supervision;

In addition, the "forecast" or "prediction" functionality of the alerts is very promising, and we are looking forward to it so that we can take our ability to predict and anticipate incidents in our customers' IS and our hosted services one step further. "says Julie Moreau (Head of User Support and Supervision).

Estelle (Supervision Technician) adds that "Coservit's support throughout the SaaS migration was perfectly successful and completely transparent for our customers, but also in the day-to-day monitoring during the RUN phase. The ServiceNav consultant dedicated to the follow-up of Iliane is very reactive, he is a force of proposal on each Steering Committee and listens as soon as a difficulty appears.

This expertise provided by Coservit has been a key success factor in the migration project and in the day-to-day production. It is also a confirmation of the partnership relationship that has been in place for over 8 years. "

The benefits

"The ServiceNav reports are used to complement the service weather, which is very much a part of our offerings. The reports are sent and commented on by Iliane's Technical Account Manager during Steering Committee meetings. »

"The import functionality as well as the very exhaustive plugin templates are useful to us to save time in the implementation of the technical supervision. Our goal is to provide our customers with a personalized supervision, in line with their digital strategies. »

"Iliane's Dataviz dashboard functionality, which can be customized as needed and shared in real time via a simple URL, allows Iliane to create innovative dashboards that are appreciated both internally by production teams and by customers. »

"Our objective is to have a long-lasting editor partner that meets the supervision challenges of today and tomorrow, such as AIOps, the "Business Process" orientation of our customers and also the ability to measure user experience. ServiceNav meets these expectations. »

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