Generis System Group chose ServiceNav Monitoring for its native integration with ServiceNav Customer Care and for its ease of use.

The context

Generis System Group (GSG):

  • 7 years of existence
  • 10 employees
  • 1.2 M€ of turnover
  • Contact: Mathieu ARRIGHY - Associate Director

Generis System Group (GSG), based in Avignon, is specialized in the integration and management of IT, telecommunications and information processing solutions. This company supports its customers with technical architectures that are both innovative and durable. They thus have a referent service provider and a single contact for the outsourcing of their entire information system.

As an independent operator, GSG has its own network core and provides its customers with quality telecommunication solutions: fibre optic/xDSL internet links, unified company telephony, collaborative videoconferencing

The use of ServiceNav Monitoring has enabled us to offer new services to our customers.

Business issues

GSG management wanted to have a single supervision tool that would allow them to visualize health status the technical infrastructure of its customers: network links, hypervisors, servers, virtual machines, ... and reduce operating costs daily and administration of its solution in place.

Another important need for his business was to be able to recover theinventory of the customer base, if possible automatically.

Main selection criteria: ServiceNav Monitoring

  • Build a real partnership with a French publisher with the capacity to provide a turnkey productplug & play. Objective: make time to the technical teams for full concentration on solving customer problems.
  • Native integration of ServiceNav monitoring to the support management solution used: ServiceNav Customer Care (Ticketing, SLA, fleet management...).

Why ServiceNav?

The answer

Key features used daily

  • Real-time measurement of availability business services provided to users. Concept of service level agreement (SLA).
  • Automated reports availability, performance and capacity for even more added value to the end customer.
  • Centralize in a single tool the entire end customer base managed.
  • Ease of use and handling (simple and user-friendly interface, census).
  • Dashboards business-oriented dedicated to the service center for optimal preventive service.
  • End-customer access to the supervision platform in Generis System Group's colours: visibility & traceability
  • Integration with the support management solution creation and visualization of tickets from the supervision.

The benefits

Measurable benefits: ServiceNav Monitoring

"The use of ServiceNav Monitoring has enabled us to offer new service offerings to our customers. (preventive service & maintenance in operational conditions). We were also able to gain new customers thanks to supervision. Indeed, more and more companies systematically ask for a supervision service; in particular in the calls for tender. The fleet inventory was partially automated to be integrated into our support management solution: ServiceNav Customer Care. Time savings and an up-to-date customer base!"

Objective achieved: proactivity for better customer satisfaction

"ServiceNav Monitoring coupled with ServiceNav Customer Care has made us more productivity. Our teams deal with problems in preventive rather than in curative and focus on problem solving and customer satisfaction."

The Coservit team at all levels (from the support technician to the manager), shows strong skills and knowledge around their software application.

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