Supervision 100% dedicated to the MSP and its dedicated offer ISIBOX

The context

Located in Toulouse, the company ISI2U was created by two managers on a basis of friendship and entrepreneurship, combining 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Their panel of expertise allowing a coherent customization of information systems is their added value. Mobility, security and openness to Cloud technologies are at the heart of the IT support they offer to develop the performance and digital transformation of your company. Mobility is a key issue and has been part of ISI2U's strategy since its creation, especially with the use of SaaS platforms such as ServiceNav and remote service offers proposed to CIOs.

"ServiceNav is the solution that meets all of ISI2U's needs centrally and without difficulty, which is why ServiceNav is now packaged and embedded systematically in ISI2U's offerings such as the ISIBOX."

Business issues

It was necessary to choose a solution capable of providing added value, on the one hand to the technical team in order to reduce the risk of production incidents, and on the other hand to the customers by communicating via dashboards and reports on the availability of their business applications. Monitoring had to be technical (systems, networks) and also application-related (On-Premise and Cloud).

Why ServiceNav?

The answer

"This partnership has a technical notion but also a human aspect that is not negligible and just as important; in particular, the understanding between the teams, the way of approaching the partnership, the company vision... which led us to choose Coservit." After a technical evaluation of several monitoring solutions, ServiceNav was selected:

  • Tariff positioning dedicated to the MSP model
  • User Services Weather
  • Easy to set up
  • Application monitoring
  • Reporting system

  Using a centralized SaaS IT monitoring platform makes much more sense than having several tools, especially with an efficient alert system avoiding spam and too much information. ServiceNav is the solution that meets all of ISI2U's needs in a centralized and trouble-free way, which is why ServiceNav is now systematically packaged and embedded in ISI2U's offerings.

The benefits

ISI2U has developed the "ISIBOX" range of solutions including firewall, backup, remote connection and supervision. ServiceNav is fully packaged in this modular offer. With the increase in teleworking due to Covid-19, the opportunities to exploit this partnership are numerous as the need for mobile and centralized supervision increases. Moreover, ISIBOX is a great success because of its ease and speed of implementation, it mutualizes critical services for companies and guarantees them the availability of critical services. ISI2U managers and teams have both a functional and operational approach. It was therefore necessary and essential to have tools for the management of their customers' IS. ServiceNav is able to aggregate technical and business data on a centralized console. The reports and dashboards communicated to the customers allow them to make the right decisions and prioritize actions. For example, it is possible to communicate the trends of disk occupancy rate increase, which allows to know when to increase the volume and thus avoid a blockage for ISI2U customers. It is also possible to supervise the availability and use of the Office365 or Teams suite: how many active or inactive mailboxes, how many Teams messages sent, how many conferences over the last 7 days, etc. Building dashboard models by working in collaboration with Coservit and sharing knowledge, allows to save time and relevance for ISI2U's customers. Coservit's support is a key factor in the success of the partnership. For ISI2U, this partnership with Coservit gives the ability to monitor the infrastructure, but also to develop a value-added service: the weather forecast of the customers' IS. This weather forecast measures the quality of services: the IT administrator can quickly identify the cause of the customer's problem, and the user has a real-time view of the status of his IS, whether it is sunny, cloudy or raining. The unavailability count is done automatically, allowing to define an action plan per customer for a service improvement.  

Our 25 years of experience have enabled us to quickly develop ISIBOX and to integrate key services for companies such as supervision or IS weather. 

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