Microstore monitors its customers' IT infrastructure and services with Coservit's ServiceNav solution

The context

Microstore: an engineering and IT systems specialist that relies on Coservit to supervise its customers' IS

Microstore, member of Horizon Group which brings together companies specialising in engineering and IT systems, is based in the Rhône-Alpes region and has been assisting companies and local authorities in this region for several decades.

Thanks to the recognized and extensive expertise of its teams, Microstore supports its customers at all levels of management of their IT services: audit, IT infrastructure, virtualization, security, outsourcing, organization, hosting. Microstore also offers training tailored to the needs of its customers to enable them to better understand their IT services.

We found the Coservit interface more user-friendly and ergonomic

Business issues

Frédéric Palluy, Technical Director and Antoine Santi, Support Manager at Microstore tell us about their experience with Coservit. Changing monitoring solution is never an easy step. Coservit was able to meet Microstore's needs and accompany its teams throughout the migration.

Why ServiceNav?

The answer

Before choosing ServiceNav, Microstore worked with RG System. They look back at the differentiating points that motivated their decision:

- The ServiceNav interface, more attractive and easier to useThis is particularly true for the integration of monitoring products and sensors: "We found the Coservit interface more user-friendly and ergonomic.".

- The presence and responsiveness of Coservit's teamsThis is especially true of the POC: "Coservit allowed us to test the solution and supported us throughout this period of choice and transition with a tailor-made commercial offer.

- A smooth migration thanks to the presence and follow-up of Coservit's technical teams : "A migration of about 200 Vms plus active elements without any difficulty. Even today, when we do a new deployment at a customer's site, we can count on Coservit's follow-up, which is a real plus for our teams".

The benefits

ServiceNav: time saving and reactivity for Microstore

With the ability to monitor the status of its customers' IT services in real time, Microstore has gained in productivity, responsiveness and therefore customer satisfaction.

" We use ServiceNav on a daily basis to monitor our customers' IT services and infrastructure.

"Before, we were in a reactive mode. Today we do constant monitoring, with real-time alerts and adopt a proactive approach. We estimate a time saving of 2 hours per day".


The relationship between Microstore and Coservit

When we ask Frédéric Palluy if he would recommend Coservit, he answers without hesitation: "Of course! We talk to each other and share our experiences.

The feedback on the ServiceNav solution is very positive

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