RDI Group

The context

The RDI Group has chosen the ServiceNav solution to supervise its thousands of equipments, its 3 datacenters and to manage its hundreds of "CRISTAL" MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition) contracts of its customers' infrastructure.

Founded in 1986, RDI Group has experienced regular growth of 15 to 20% per year. With a turnover of 37.5M€ and more than 180 employees, RDI Group is one of the 40 leading French IT companies. The engineering and consulting part represents 11 M€ including 50% of CRISTAL support services. The support is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A complete know-how in the fields of service, assistance, maintenance, training and integration of IT solutions.

Over the years, RDI Group has acquired a business approach that enables it to understand the expectations of its customers in both technical and organizational fields. RDI Group offers 5 areas of expertise: Infrastructure and architectureCloud SolutionsCollaborative SolutionsApplication SolutionsSupport & outsourcing

The mission of the RDI Group's service department is to guarantee the reliability and availability of its customers' information systems through its CRISTAL contracts.

Tomorrow, our customers will no longer pay us to handle their incidents but to stop having them.

Business issues

"Responding to our customers' availability issues

Explains Claude Bonnet, Director of Services, RDI Group. ServiceNav Monitoring meets this need thanks to its rich catalog of checkpoints. ServiceNav Monitoring was installed in 2012 to monitor the network, physical and virtual servers, storage, SQL and Oracle databases and applications.

"When we put the supervision at a customer's site, the tool will bring up alerts that even the customer was not aware of. Our customers want to have a sound infrastructure and metrics on availability of their business application"explains Claude Bonnet. Thanks to its reporting module and its service weather ServiceNav Monitoring provides availability reports on user/business services and equipment performance. The database is open and the performance data is actionable over multiple years."

Why ServiceNav?

The answer

"Supervision at the heart of our support transformation to support our service growth."

"Today, supervision is the nerve centre of our service centre. We have more than 350 critical alerts per day requiring an intervention from my teams. In addition to reporting alerts, the tool allows us to measure, identify and work on recurring alerts, which allows us to anticipate and reduce the volume. Moreover, in order to improve the efficiency of my operations team, the tool provides a single interface to see all my customers and the status of the supervised fleet on a single dashboard. The quantity of alerts to be processed, the explosion of connected objects in the future and the increase in support hours require us to rethink our way of working today. In order to meet these challenges, we must, as a service company, put in place the appropriate processes, resources and tools. In the future, we want to anticipate alerts and no longer suffer them, we are working with Coservit on use cases and business rules to respond to them" explains Claude Bonnet. Thanks to the "smart configuration" feature of ServiceNav Monitoring, the solution considerably reduces false positives and provides a list of recurring incidents. ServiceNav Monitoring allows you to receive alerts via several means: web interface, email, SMS and mobile push. This corresponds to the different uses of supervision in the operating teams. Coservit is developing a machine learning module in order to offer self-regulation and self-configuration of alert thresholds.

The benefits

Reducing the operational cost of delivering support services

"Tomorrow, our customers will no longer pay us to deal with their incidents but not to have them. In addition, we will have to provide more service with better quality for less money. We need to reduce the amount of alerts we receive in order to meet the reduction in operational cost. First of all, we are working on depolluting "false positive" alerts. L'monitoring tool provides only "useful" alerts and helps us detect recurring incidents, Efficiently configure alert thresholdsand propose a schedule of priority incidents"explains Claude Bonnet. "ServiceNav Monitoring has been designed to meet the challenges of cleanup, false positives and configuration. The features of mass configuration, alert configuration, service weather, automatic equipment and service census, equipment maintenance, web services that can directly attack the CMDB, all of this to significantly reduce configuration time and avoid false positives."

"In 2012, we had several monitoring solutions GFI Max, SCOM,... These solutions did not allow us to respond to multi-client and hybrid environments (private and public cloud). Moreover, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to grow our service business while controlling operating costs. The strong points of the product are its ergonomics, the concept of user services weather with its dependencies, its efficiency in production and the centralization of alerts in a single platform. Beyond the different points I have already mentioned, it was important for my teams to work with the editor of the product on which the entire production of the IT department is based. We have regular operational and strategic meetings with Coservit to discuss our constraints and needs. ServiceNav Monitoring allows us to support the growth of our service business."

In conclusion, on a daily basis ServiceNav Monitoring is the tool at the heart of our operational activity. It provides us with the necessary efficiency to guarantee the availability and quality of service expected by our customers. Our Service Delivery Managers use the automatic reports from ServiceNav Monitoring for their steering committee. Beyond the product, we exchange with Coservit so that they bring us the product that will allow us to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

ServiceNav Monitoring has been designed to meet the challenges of cleanup, false positives and configuration.

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