Departmental Council of the Lot (46)

ServiceNav, the solution that meets the needs of all operations teams

The context

The Conseil départemental du Lot (46) is the elective assembly that administers the department. Its missions are diverse but generally consist of preserving and improving the quality of life and the well-being of the department's population, by supporting vulnerable people, protecting the environment, developing infrastructures and public colleges, and supporting cultural and sporting activities and quality professional sectors.

We had a choice between two solutions. In the end, we opted for a third one, ServiceNav: a nice synthesis of the best sides of the other two.

Business issues

The first feeling

"ServiceNav has some of what we liked about the first solution, and some of what we liked about the second. A nice synthesis of the two."

"We take away the simplicity and relative ease of deploying probes and setting them up."

"The graphical representation of elements and supervisory data through Service Weather is effective and visually appealing."

Going further...

The fact that there are a large number of probes already present in ServiceNav to monitor Citrix - ServiceNav is in the Citrix Ready marketplace - was a considerable advantage over the other two solutions.

"We are now very surprised and satisfied with the richness of the catalogue of probes and services offered by ServiceNav. At the time of the POC, apart from Citrix, which made a big impression on us, we clearly didn't realise the extent of it."

Why ServiceNav?

The answer

Does the ServiceNav IT monitoring solution meet the objectives of the Conseil départemental du Lot?

"The objective of knowing at all times what is working and what is not, anticipating problems and solving them before disruption, is achieved. The solution works very well."

The objective for 2020 is to reach 100% of collection by the solution: deployment on the whole information system of the departmental council.

Did you go beyond what you thought you were doing with the project?

For the time being, usage does not exceed the initial objective of CD 46. But in the long term, it will be interesting to share the state of the information system with the business services and/or users.

"As far as ISD communication is concerned, we are constantly progressing and improving. The use of ServiceNav will help us with its service weather forecast which will allow us to support our co-pil/codir meetings with accurate and objective data."

The benefits

What about the guidance and support of Coservit's teams?

"The support is going very well. It allows us to better understand the solution and to constantly discover new functionalities that were previously unknown to us."

"For example, during the last visit of a ServiceNav consultant, we discovered the advantage of modifying and creating probes. It's very interesting because being able to build custom probes to finely monitor critical applications, already after a few weeks of use, allows us to gain visibility and transparency on the IS."

"We recommend ServiceNav with our eyes closed!"

We at Coservit - ServiceNav are very proud to work with CD 46. Improving the efficiency of an organization with social missions is a chance. Moreover, the friendliness of the members who work there motivates us to repeat the experience in the future.

ServiceNav anticipated a disk space that was filling up too fast. Thanks to the data collected by the platform, the information came directly to us: 95.96% of memory was full and we were heading straight for a production incident...

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