CIO challenges: how to combine existing and new Hybrid Cloud infrastructure?

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The role of ISDs has been constantly evolving in recent years. A new challenge for these CIOs is to combine the original infrastructures of companies with the Hybrid Cloud. Coservit, through its ServiceNav solution, a global IT supervision software, enables companies to approach this digital shift correctly.

The key role of the CIO

ISD (information system management) is in charge of the company's computer equipment. Thanks to its technical knowledge and project management, the Director of the Information System helps to reduce IS coststo make it more efficient and faster. In perpetual search for technological innovations, the CIO adapts to market developments while playing a strategic role within the company. For many years now, the role of the CIO has evolved in the face of IT and technological advances. New challenges have thus arisen from these developments, particularly with the emergence of the Cloud. (private, public, hybrid). The objective being to enter into a process of optimization of costs, resources and security.

New challenges for the CIO

One of the major challenges for CIOs is to combine the company's existing infrastructure with a new hybrid Cloud infrastructure. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Hybrid Cloud is a "...". Cloud infrastructure consisting of two or more separate Cloud infrastructures that may be private or public and remain as single entities, but connected by standard or proprietary technology allowing data and application portability. ». The objective of ISD is therefore to monitor application performance hosted externally and internally. Thus, the company will have a global vision of all the data. For this, a monitoring platform is essential.

ServiceNav, the Coservit solution for your business

To combine existing infrastructure and hybrid cloud infrastructure, a supervision platform is fundamental. Indeed, it will make it possible to combine the metrics collected via theexisting infrastructure and those of the Hybrid Cloud. The ServiceNav solution is fully customizable according to your constraints and needs. In addition, it provides Accurate information to facilitate proactive management of your company's IT services. The CIO's work is thus facilitated by this platform, which provides access to all the data and performance of the company's applications, regardless of the infrastructure on which they are hosted.

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