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Coservit is an innovative software company whose IT monitoring solutions improve competitiveness and reinvigorate
its customers' development.

When Coservit was created in 2006, there was no simple and relevant solution for IT monitoring in SaaS mode that met the needs of service companies and IT departments.

Coservit has therefore decided to develop its own solution based on the Nagios collector and by developing its own application in SaaS mode. Since the development of the Internet and the cloud, our company is at the forefront of computer supervision, network supervision, measurement of service availability.


Coservit has developed ServiceNav, a new generation of IT supervision software.

ServiceNav is a monitoring software designed by our company to improve the competitiveness of the company and measure the availability of its business applications. To achieve its objectives, ServiceNav is based on three pillars:

  • uses for all users
  • a very broad scope of supervision, from the network to the applications
  • a scalable architecture to meet the new challenges of monitoring connected objects.

ServiceNav is designed to simplify the work of support teams and to provide the necessary dashboards for management.
ServiceNav allows you to control the availability, bandwidth and operation of your information system on your private and/or public cloud.

In short, your information system is under control.


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your IT promise

The user experience is at the heart of IT issues, with the desire to create a positive experience of IS tools.


the game

Putting IT decision-makers at the heart of the digital transformation, and giving them the tools to act.


Fuel for

Over 1500 service models available, certified by our technology partners.


A new generation monitoring platform with a dedicated R&D team.
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ServiceNav's mission is to link the flows, to connect ideas, actors.

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Our mission

ServiceNav was born with the objective of providing a monitoring platform for reduce the cost of maintaining any connected equipment in operational condition and provide dashboards to the business to improve the availability of business processes. What you have dreamed of ServiceNav does it with the service weather.
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Our commitment

ServiceNav is used in all industries for all sizes of companies. The integrators of our product are also users of their own outsourcing or cloud services. This guarantees not only a strong competence on the product but also on the production processes and on the integration with other software (ticketing tool, collaborative tool, etc...). 

Our SaaS or on-premise licensing model is based on product usage: there are no surprises.

No limit on the number of controls per device: you can configure as many as you want.

In order to ensure a perfect and transparent integration of our products in your existing infrastructure and also in virtual environments, Coservit has signed technological partnerships with manufacturers and editors leaders on their market.

In order to be at the forefront of new technologies, Coservit is part of the competitiveness cluster Minalogic to work in a collaborative environment with world-renowned industrialists and R&D centres.

Coservit is responsible for the project SmartSupportCenter in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Salesforce.

Coservit has integrated BigData technologies into its ServiceNav platform.

Our presence

ServiceNav is present in organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. Airports, hospitals, local authorities and universities already use our product. Coservit markets its products worldwide.

Our head office is based in Grenoble, the cradle of French microelectronics and IT. We also have a subsidiary in England.

We have over 30 certified
and over 5000 customers

Our values


This is the the company's main thread. Our teams keep abreast of new technological trends to ensure that our software remains in constant improvement to meet the expectations but especially anticipate the needs of our customers.


We put our clients and their specific needs at the center of everything we do to help them achieve their goals. We want our customers to feel comfortable with our software, which is why our teams are always available to answer questions, discuss enhancements, and provide assistance at any time.


With many nationalities and more than ten languages spoken, diversity is part of Coservit's values and wealth. Dynanism, friendliness, pragmatism, curiosity: Coservit teams build the culture of our company.

They give us trust

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