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The supervision of information systems has the task of limiting breakdowns by anticipating events, however no one, nor any computer system is immune to a breakdown. And in this case, communication, whether internal or external, is essential.

Indeed, user information is increasingly important in the case of a disrupted situation. Users' expectations in this area are constantly growing. At the moment, right away, having reliable information about a disturbed situation is indispensable.

Supervision tools at the heart of communication

Supervision tools will often be the first to alert in the event of an anomaly in the operation of an information system. The main users of the application should then not be long in coming back to the point with the same symptoms:

  • Drastic increase in support requests -> teams are then mobilized to respond individually to users and fewer forces are available to resolve the incident
  • Regular testing of users to reuse the system increasing the load when the system may be suffering.

Communication to users is therefore essential both at the beginning of an incident and throughout the incident.

Thanks to the monitoring of information systems via solutions such as ServiceNavand with the " IT Weather Services", it is possible to offer real-time information to users.

Visible on their SharePoint or in the supervision interface, a user can immediately know that his application or service is affected by an unavailability and avoid a call to support.

Adding comments throughout the resolution is also a real communication channel to users. With regularly refreshed information, users are informed that the situation is being dealt with and with a possible announcement of a return to normal time, users will be able to wait serenely, freeing up the teams in charge of the resolution.

The example in and for ServiceNav

For the information of our customers in SaaS mode, we have made available the site On site, based on the ServiceNav solution, we monitor and communicate on the availability of the ServiceNav SaaS platform.

Weather services IT supervision

Our customers have access to the Weather Services according to their contract and can see in real time the status of the platform and the availability rate of the platform over the current period.

In the event of a disrupted situation on the platform, communication to all our customers is then put in place. Users are informed in real time and do not need to go through our support.

communication and crisis management

Communication through supervision: a supplier-user win-win

Users of physical or computer services are increasingly demanding information.

Available and automated communication frees up resources to manage an incident.

Supervision solutions accessible to users via dashboards, integrated in other products such as SharePoint or accessible via API to integrate in its own communication portals are therefore a real time saver for service providers and a real comfort for users. An indispensable part of supervision solutions.

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