Dataviz, the supervision dashboard

The dashboard the most visual

A shared and understood vision of your business, by all the stakeholders of your organization.


Deliver on
your IT promise

The aim of ServiceNav is to simplify service level monitoring and dashboarding while making these processes more efficient. Fast and reliable access to detailed information means that reporting is no longer a task in itself, freeing up time to maintain and grow services.

application monitoring

A representation simplified
thanks to the Widget

A widget gallery, adapted to IS environments, to visualize all IT services.

With Dataviz, you can model your infrastructure the way you want, without any code, in minutes: Graph, gauge, list, map, network, crosstab, text, image.

You focus on your customers, your users, and your message. The gallery of widget templates is constantly evolving at the publisher, bringing you new ways to communicate with each product release.

Save time
in the production & distribution of your supervisory dashboards

Communication starts with sharing a comprehensible dashboard. Creating and distributing it will no longer be a time-consuming task.

Use the widget bank and our various templates to quickly set up your own monitoring dashboard

Distribute dashboards to other applications without any code, and with one click

dataviz 2

More than a report,
a communication tool

Implementing a communication strategy that makes IT easier to understand for users and customers, whether they are technical or business, is at the heart of the challenges facing IT departments.

Our intelligent and flexible dashboards and reports can be customized to meet the needs of your internal processes, regardless of the type of organization you are responsible for. Reports and dashboards are designed to be easy to understand. This ensures that the information most important to the reader is highlighted, whether it is a customer, a member of the technical team, the CTO or the CEO. Information can be presented in granular technical detail or in a graphical abstraction using the Service Weather feature.


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Dataviz - Create and configure a dashboard

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