Configuring a ServiceNav Box to receive traps

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Download the SN-trapInstallation-v3.tar.gz file to the /tmp directory of the SNB.
This file is available on the FTP site in the same place as the ServiceNav masters, in the TOOLS section.
If you have any difficulty in getting this installation script, contact Coservit Support.

Document purpose

This document is intended for any person (customer or consultant) wishing to configure SNB so that they can receive SNMP traps.

Information : The script executes an apt-get install to install certain packages, so the box must have access to the Internet.

Caution :

The apt-get install can cause an issue with MS-SQL checks.
All MS-SQL checks may no longer work.

If the MS-SQL checks no longer work :
Remove the symbolic link: rm /usr/local/lib/

Required files

  • /tmp/snmptrapd -> configuration file, will be copied by the installation script.
  • /tmp/snmptrapd.conf -> configuration file, will be copied by the installation script.
  • /tmp/snmptt.ini -> configuration file, will be copied by the installation script.
  • /tmp/ -> installation and configuration script to receive traps.


The script will install the SNMPTT package and then copy the various configuration files needed. It will
also add a rule in iptables so that the box can receive trap data on port 162.

Information : The script will reload the IPTABLES configuration.

Installation procedure

As root.

Go to /tmp, where the SN-trapInstallation-vX.tar.gz archive is located:

cd /tmp

Unzip the archive :

tar -xzf SN-trapInstallation-vX.tar.gz

Go to the SN-trapInstallation-vX folder:

cd SN-trapInstallation-vX

Update the libraries and run the installation script :

apt-get update

The script requests the SNMP community used to send the traps.
To later change this value (if the value entered during the script is not correct) :
Go to /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf :

vim /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf

Locate the line:
authCommunity execute
Instead of 'community' should be the value entered in the script.
Modify the community here if necessary.
Restart the snmptrad service:

systemctl restart snmptrapd

The SNB is now able to receive SNMP traps.

The trap definition files must then be created. See document : 2 - Create a Trap definition file

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