Configuring Veeam job monitoring

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Monitoring a Job Veeam is a multi-stage process:

- Configure access to the Veeam database from the ServiceNavBox

- Monitor the job

Database monitoring

The following procedure should be thoroughly undertaken: Configuring the supervision of an MS SQL Server database

In particular, edit the /etc/freetds.conf file correctly;

To do this, connect to the SNB using Putty.

Once on the box, switch to the root account with the command :

sudo su -

Start editing the file

nano /etc/freetds.conf

Add at the bottom of the file a stanza with connection information for the database server

    host = @IP of the Veeam server
    port = TCP/IP port of the SQL instance on the SQL server (usually 1433)
    instance = name of the SQL instance on the SQL server
    tds version = 8.0

Exit the file by doing ctrl + X , enter O and enter

Test the connection by issuing the following command:

telnet @IP of the Veeam server port of the instance (ex: telnet 1433)

If the connection fails, check your network configuration and/or firewall and/or windows firewall.

Job monitoring

We recommend using the Veeam-Job-Status service template

It should be configured like this:

Server Name: Value entered between [ ] in the freetds.conf file.

Monitoring account: Fill in the MSSQL account or use an inherited account

Database name: Specify the name of the database (different from the name of the SQL instance). It is commonly "VeeamBackup"

Specify the analysis period: If the job runs daily specify 01d00h00m

Job Name: Consult the Veeam platform

Backup type: Set the type, among those mentioned in the context-sensitive help (from version 4.1 of ServiceNav, this field is no longer mandatory).

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