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Using the mobile application, you can access a page devoted to each ServiceNav monitored service and retrieve essential information about the host.

Access the service page

There are several ways to access the service page:

  • Via the Hosts page
  • Via the company page and the menu "services ".

Elements of the Service page

s elements of the plug In the upper part, you find :

- The name, type (logo) and category of the Service

- Status

- Duration of the last status change (1 day in this example)

- Details of any open ticket or acknowledgement made

- Details of the last check performed (Date and time, result)

The central menu bar supports several actions:

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1) Run an immediate check

2) Acknowledge

3) Open a ticket

The lower part displays the metrics of the service over the last 24 hours. To load them, press the "Load Data" button.


Acknowledge a service

For any non-OK services, not already acknowledged and without an open ticket, it is possible to acknowledge the alert.

To do this, use button (2) in the central menu bar. pay for a unitary service

service record You can leave a note of the reasons for the acknowledgement and apply.

The Service record contains the information about the acknowledgement and it cannot be acknowledge again (as long as the service has not returned to normal and then back to alert in the meantime).

Open a ticket

This functionality requires integration with a ticketing tool. Depending on the tool, some functionality may not be available.

For all non-OK services, not already acknowledged and without an open ticket, it is possible to open a ticket in the ticketing tool.

To do this use button (3) in the host menu bar. alert and ticket

Alternates and ticket You can specify a contact person to assign the ticket to, the ticket details and create the ticket.

The service record contains information about the ticket and it is impossible to acknowledge again or open a ticket (as long as the service has not returned to a normal state and then back to alert in the meantime and the ticket has not been closed).

Opening a ticket, automatically acknowledges the service.

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