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If you don't have an in-house mail server, and you use Office 365, it is possible to configure ServiceNav to use Office365 as an SMTP relay.

You will need your email address, account and password.

In the following, we will use as an example  password. The server (SNB or SNP) will have as its hostname hostnameand the domain name of the local network will be local.lan. You will need to change these values to those that suit your configuration.

warning svgrepo com CAUTION
Office 365 will only accept relayed messages if the "From" field of the email is the same as the email address of the authenticating account (user@partner.dom).
The sender of notifications sent from a ServiceNav Box or from the NPS is defined in Organization, Sending email address field.
To test the correct sending of emails from a root user, edit the /etc/email-addresses file.

Steps to follow

Edit /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template

At the beginning of the file, find the following lines 

# Macro defining the main configuration directory.
# We do not use absolute paths.
.ifndef CONFDIR
CONFDIR = /etc/exim4

Below these lines, add the following line

disable_ipv6 = true
  1. Configure EXIM4 in the traditional way : dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config
    • Use the "Send via smarthost" configuration - no local mail
    • System email name: hostname
    • IP address list : unchanged ( ; ::1 )
    • Other destinations for which email must be accepted: empty
    • Domain name visible to local users : local.lan
    • smarthost :
    • Answer NO then NO to the last 2 questions
  2. Change /etc/email-addresses
    • Add the following lines :
    • nagios: user@partner.dom
    • root: user@partner.dom
  3. Change /etc/aliases
    • Change the line for the root user : root: :blackhole:
  4. Change /etc/exim4/passwd.client
    • Add the line *:user@partner.dom:password
  5. Restart exim4

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