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1. Add a unitary service

To add a unitary service without going through the equipment models, go to the " Configuration" and then in " Service > List ".


Click on " + Add "A configuration window opens.


Fill in the general information


  • Choose the service model adapted to the control you wish to carry out
  • Enter the service name that you want to add to the supervision
  • Define your criticality within the information system
  • Describe in Description the role of this unitary service within the information system


Click on the tab " Availability and controls "


  • Enter the purpose of the availability rate desired (according to a time slot)
  • Choose the time slot for the availability period on which the availability rate will be calculated.
  • Choose the time slot for the control period on which the unit service supervision will take place. Warning: it must be the same as, or cover the entire time period defined for the calculation of the availability rate.
  • Enter the parameters necessary for the recovery of information by the supervision. (In this example: Alert threshold, Critical threshold, Port)
  • Choose a range of time between two checks (expressed in minutes), or leave the default values

Click on the tab " Relationship "


  • Choose the equipment on which you wish to apply this unitary service. This allows to deploy it faster.
  • Validate once the choice of the equipment is made.

NB: Do not forget to generate the configuration so that it is known to the ServiceNav Box





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