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1. Add a device

To add a piece of equipment, go to the " Configuration "then in the menu " Equipment > List "


Click on " + Add  "A configuration window opens.

Fill in the general information


1) Enter the name of the equipment you wish to add to the supervision
2) Enter your IP address or DNS name
3) Refine if necessary its membership to a site
4) Refine if necessary its equipment category
5) Choose from which boxes it will be supervised
6) Match the equipment models he needs
7) Define its criticality within the information system
8) Describe the role of this equipment within the information system

Click on the tab " Availability and controls ".


  • Enter the target availability rate (based on a time slot)
  • Choose the time slot on which the availability rate will be calculated.
  • Select the time slot over which the unit service supervision will take place. Warning: it must be the same as, or cover the entire time period defined for the calculation of the availability rate.
  • Define the time interval between two checks by the supervision system

Click on the tab " Relationship ".


  • Choose the equipment group it belongs to if needed. (Not functional in this version)
  • Define its parent device according to the network path used by the VS Box if possible
  • Choose children's equipment if possible
  • Validate the creation of the equipment

Once the relationship is in place, it works as follows:

If a relationship is defined, when the parent equipment is in CRITICAL status, then the child equipment(s) are in UNKNOWN status.

Ex: VM that depends on an ESX.

Use case: we supervise a remote site which does not have a box. If the router of the site does not answer the ping, then the central SNBox will not try to interrogate the equipment of the site, because a parent/child relationship will have been defined between equipment and router.

NB: After adding a device, check that you do not have to configure it specifically for its unitary services (see the step: "Specific configuration of the unitary service" in the documentation: "Deployment of the supervision with a ServiceNav Box").

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