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At any point in the application, it is possible to create a request.

For this purpose:

  • Click on "Need help?" at the bottom right of the screen.
  • The application entry screen opens

The selected company depends on the user's rights (visibility of child companies).

If this right is active, it is possible to change the creation company in the "Support" tab. It will then be possible to select the contact:

Enter :

  • The purpose of the request à Clear and synthetic description of the problem
    • Note: This field is mandatory
  • The details of the request to Information/error messages/scenarios, allowing for optimal qualification and resolution of the problem encountered.
    • Note: This field is mandatory
  • If I am not the user concerned by the request, or if the user concerned is not in the list of contacts (case of a child company) :
    • Check "another person to contact?" and enter the Name/Telephone information of the contact concerned.
  • The nature of the request
  • The product family concerned
  • The equipment concerned
  • Upload a document to attach to the application ("Browse" button)
    • Note: it will still be possible to add other documents once the application has been created

Click on "Submit my request

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