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IBM AS/400 Monitoring Principles

The following protocols are used to monitor an AS/400 host:

  • SNMP: SNMP must be configured on the AS/400 host, and the ServiceNav Box must also be configured
  • Via telnet: direct command execution on the AS/400 and syntax analysis of the results on the ServiceNav Box side. A user is required on the AS/400.
  • Via API and calling functions of the monitoring library (RPG) installed on the AS/400 host: an AS/400 user is required
  • Via Java API JTOpen/TCP: a user is required on the AS/400 side

General pre-requisites

The AS/400 must be able to communicate with the ServiceNav Box. Therefore, Option 12 'Host Servers' must be installed and active on the AS/400.

SNMP configuration

AS/400 side

The UDP/161 port must be open from the ServiceNav Box to the AS/400. All UDP ports must be open from the AS/400 to the ServiceNav Box.

Set up SNMP community : public => CFGTCP / option 20 / option 1 / option 2 = Work with communities for SNMP


Make sure that the SNMP service auto starts : => CFGTCP / option 20 / option 1 / option 1 =Change SNMP attributes param AUTOSTART *YES

ServiceNav Box

AS/400 communicates via SNMP on UDP ports other than UDP/161. You must therefore allow incoming communication on all UDP ports from the AS/400.

  • Connect via SSH to the ServiceNav Box
  • Locate the local network interface name of the ServiceNav Box

ip a

  • Edit /etc/init.d/
  • Add the following lines:

## Accept incoming UDP connections to receive AS400 SNMP responses
iptables -A INPUT -p udp -i <The ServiceNav Box's local interface -s -j ACCEPT 

  • Reload the ServiceNav Box firewall configuration by executing the command:


To check the configuration, perform a ServiceNav discovery of the AS/400 host using the ServiceNav Box, as shown here.

AS/400 configuration for API use

The following TCP ports must be open from the ServiceNav Box to the AS/400 host: 8470, 8473, 8475, 8476 and 449.

An AS/400 user must be specified. The minimum rights of this user must be the same as those of a local AS/400 user having access to the data collected by the service template, and therefore depends on the used service templates. A user with the following profile will work:

User class: *SYSOPR
NAGIOS user profile Display sign-on information *NO ==> - CHGUSRPRF USRPRF(NAGIOS) DSPSGNINF(*NO)

Telnet collection

The following service templates use telnet and parse the received information on the ServiceNav Box:

  • IBM-AS400-Cpu
  • IBM-AS400-Disk
  • IBM-AS400-JobStatus
  • IBM-AS400-StatusDisk

On the ServiceNav Box, the language to be configured in the services, in the OS languagefield, is that of the AS400 user:

as400 telnet user

Collection via JAVA API

The following service templates require access to the JAVA API on the AS/400 host:

  • IBM-AS400-i5_ALL_JobStatus_IN_Subsystem
  • IBM-AS400-i5_ASPSize
  • IBM-AS400-i5_FunctionStatus_JOB_IN_Subsystem
  • IBM-AS400-i5_IJS
  • IBM-AS400-i5_JobStatus
  • IBM-AS400-i5_JobStatus_IN_Subsystem
  • IBM-AS400-i5_MessageQueue
  • IBM-AS400-i5_SubsystemStatus

Collection via JAVA API and calling of RPG functions

The following service templates require a library to be installed on the AS/400 server:

  • IBM-AS400-i5_ASPPercent
  • IBM-AS400-i5_CpuLoad
  • IBM-AS400-i5_DBUse
  • IBM-AS400-i5_DistributionFileStatus
  • IBM-AS400-i5_HostStatus
  • IBM-AS400-i5_JOBQ
  • IBM-AS400-i5_resourceTypeStatus

This library is available from the software editor through the usual product support channel.

To install the library on the AS/400:

  • Download the two SAVF files to the AS/400
  • Run the RSTLIB command for each file

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