How to configure SNMP on an AS/400 ?

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Configure SNMP

Here is how to configure SNMP requirements for OS400 servers:

  • Connect to the server console (telnet, ...)
  • Type the command :


(this command allows to configure the TCP layer of the server)

  • Go to the option : 20
  • Choose the application number 1,  SNMP
  • Then the information on the system option 1
  • The communities option 2 (with its IP and network mask, from V7R1 on)
  • Once the SNMP service is configured, you must start the service with the command :

strtcpsvr *SNMP

Be careful to put *SNMP like here.

SNMP is enabled, you can check it by running a census from the application.

Note: to stop the SNMP service, use this command:

endtcpsvr *snmp

Be careful to choose *snmp otherwise it will cut all IP connections on the partition.

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