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Prerequisites rights, profiles concerned

The creation and modification of "Dataviz" ToBs is subject to a ServiceNav historical right: "Manage dashboards", which also controls access to the Configuration > Reporting.

Not all profiles are therefore able to modify a "Dataviz" dashboard, in order to allow a well thought-out construction of screens and their distribution to a technical team, for example.

RUN and EDIT modes

Dataviz dashboards can be used through two views, or modes: RUN and EDIT.

The RUN mode corresponds to the use "exploitation", for consultation, in modification of the contents or the configuration associated with the Dashboard.

The EDIT mode is the one proposed when creating or modifying a dashboard, either its structure (naming, deletion) or its content (widgets: configuration, number and positioning)

Menu access and creation

When accessing the Dataviz tab, if no dashboard exists, the creation is proposed:

If at least one dashboard has already been created, this button is accessible at the top of the dashboard list, in RUN mode.

This button is not available when a dashboard is being edited.

Clicking on the button allows you to fill in the title and the level of visibility of the dashboard.

A dashboard public will be visible to all users in the scope and will only include public widgets. A dashboard private will only be visible to the user who created it, and can include private widgets, defined in the Configuration > Reporting tab.

A private dashboard is represented by the icon

Once the title and visibility are validated, a new dashboard is instantiated, empty, in EDIT mode.


A "Dataviz" dashboard can be renamed at any time, and has the default name :

Dashboard .

It can be modified, in EDIT mode, by simply clicking on on the left of the title.

The title of a dashboard cannot be empty.

Action buttons

A dashboard can be defined "by default   or favorite which will place it at the top of the list of dashboards.

It is also possible to duplicate a dashboard, by clicking on  In this case, you will be prompted to enter the new name.

Widget Library

The modularity of the Dataviz dashboard is based on its library of widgets, and on the strong capacity of customization that it induces.

The library is enriched during the versions, so new widgets will appear very soon.

A page is dedicated to the detailed census of these widgets: Dataviz: Widget Library

Adding widgets

Adding a widget is done by clicking and dragging on the canvas area:

When adding a widget, a configuration window appears. This window differs depending on the widget added.

For example, for a "Graph" widget, which presents metrics in a similar way to the Equipment/Service Detail form:

Once the configuration is validated, the widget is displayed on the dashboard and several actions are possible, depending on the widget used. Here are the actions common to all widgets:

  • Moving: click and drag on the top banner
  • Resize: left click on the bottom right corner
  • Deletion:
  • Renaming :
  • Adding an image to the title :  ; allows you to complete/replace the title with an image
  • Change the configuration :

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