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  • The Dataviz functionality requires ServiceNav to be running in a "Big Data" stream.

This feed is currently only enabled on the SaaS platform, and is gradually being made available for dedicated platforms. 

  • The Dataviz functionality replaces the dashboard carousel since version 4.1. The Dashboard menu item now contains two entries: "Classic" and "Dataviz".

Favorite" filter in the list of dashboards

To filter the list of Dataviz dashboards to show only the Favorites/Default, use the filter button.

This filtering also applies to the timed scrolling feature, which allows you to choose which dashboards you want to scroll through, and thus focus on the information that makes sense.







Use case: I have 2 dashboards that need to be tracked by the Network/Operations support team. These dashboards are identified as favorites/default for all members of this team, the filter is active. This way, they are no longer polluted by other dashboards, and the indicators are better tracked.


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