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  • The Dataviz functionality requires ServiceNav to be running in a "Big Data" stream.

This feed is currently only enabled on the SaaS platform, and is gradually being made available for dedicated platforms. 

  • The Dataviz functionality replaces the dashboard carousel since version 4.1. The Dashboard menu item now contains two entries: "Classic" and "Dataviz".


Do you need to share a monitoring console with internal or external customers without giving them rights in ServiceNav?

Share your Dataviz dashboards with a simple link, with Dashlink functionality!


Generate the share link

In EDIT mode of a Dataviz dashboard, click on


A modal opens, offering to activate the sharing.

Once sharing is activated, a link is generated, and can be copied to the clipboard or opened

The shared dashboard is then displayed by simply calling the URL, in read-only mode:

In shared mode, no authentication is required, so no editing or access to detail records is possible.

When the dashboard is shared, the share button changes color.



When displayed, the Dashlink refreshes every minute, automatically, as in RUN usage within the application.

Each widget is refreshed independently, according to its own timer.


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