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To enlarge a Linux partition here is the procedure


Have achieved an increase in the size of the VM disk

Steps to follow

  1. Connect to SSH as root (if you are connected with the coadmin account run the command sudo su - )
  2. Run the following command: echo 1 > /sys/block/sda/device/rescan
  3. Run the following command:  cfdisk
  4. Go to "Free Space" and choose from the menu New partition / Logic Example: /dev/sda4 => WRITE
  5. Note the name of the new partition: ex /dev/sda4
  6. Run the following command: partprobe
  7. Run the following command: pvcreate /dev/sdaX  Example : pvcreate /dev/sda4 (if it doesn't work reboot the box)
  8. Retrieve the name of the logical volume to be expanded:  lvdisplay
  9. Enter the command : vgextend GRPE_VOLUME_NAME /dev/sdaX
    • Example: vgextend template-ubuntu-snb-16-04-vg /dev/sda4
  10. Get the path of the logical volume LV PATH and do a resize
    • lvresize -l +100%FREE LV PATH  (to put 100%)
    • Example: lvresize -l +100%FREE /dev/template-ubuntu-snb-16-04-vg/root
  11. Retrieve the name of the partition to be resized with the command df -h

Enter the following command: resize2fs /dev/mapper/template-ubuntu-snb-16-04-vg-root

Check with the command : df -h

information icon IMPORTANT 

If you need to create a primary partition, be careful not to exceed
exceed 3 partitions. Beyond that it is not possible to add

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