How Nagios thresholds work

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In general, and with some exceptions, ServiceNav unit service thresholds should follow the following syntax (called "Nagios Thresholds").

This syntax allows to define advanced thresholds allowing a much finer supervision of the equipment behaviour.

Status table

The following table describes the syntaxes to be used:

Syntax Produces an alert if ... Example
10 10, (outside the range {0 .. 10}) C:e4058e35a8616d20371467c90bfe4086
10: < 10, (outside the range {10 .. ∞}) C:49d02f1c5f96ee8f726b161c5fc32f04
~:10  > 10, (outside the range {-∞ .. 10}) C:2dbe43b381fefe0675bb011b70adf572
10:20 20, (outside the range {10 .. 20}) C:3ea15a2e127aa97d64048de39fcf1566
@10:20 ≥ 10 and ≤ 20, (within the range {10 .. 20})

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