How to configure snmp v1 on IBM AIX

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SNMP for AIX is available in three versions: v1 , v2 and v3 .

To configure snmp V1 on an IBM Aix server from version 5.x onwards, follow the procedure below:

Stop services :

stopsrc -s aixmibd
stopsrc -s hostmibd
stopsrc -s snmpmibd
stopsrc -s snmpd

Configure the version of snmp that will be used on your server:

To do this you need to change the symbolic link if it is not good. See the link in /usr/sbin

To check the existing link, type :

cd /usr/sbin
ls -l snm*
Example :lrwxrwxrwx 1 root system 17 28 Apr 16:31 /usr/sbin/snmpd -> /usr/sbin/snmpdv1

To change the link, if it does not point to the correct snmpV1 version, type the following command:

snmpv3_ssw -1

Check that the configuration file contains the right elements: /etc/snmpd.conf

logging file=/usr/tmp/snmpd.log enabled
logging size=100000 level=0
community       MyCommunity
view 1.17.2 system enterprises view
trap public 1.2.3 fe # loopback
#snmpd maxpacket=1024 querytimeout=120 smuxtimeout=60
smux gated_password # gated
smux dpid_password #dpid
snmpd smuxtimeout=200 #muxatmd
smux muxatmd_password #muxatmd
Restart services

 startsrc -s snmpd
 startsrc -s aixmibd -a "-c MyCommunity"
 startsrc -s hostmibd -a "-c MyCommunity"
 startsrc -s snmpmibd -a "-c MyCommunity"

To test directly on the AIX server:

 snmpinfo -v -m dump -c public hrProcessorLoad


if the result is the following then it works.

#hrProcessorLoad.1 = 0
#hrProcessorLoad.2 = 0
#hrProcessorLoad.3 = 0
#hrProcessorLoad.4 = 0

Make the change to the OS startup file

vi /etc/rc.tcpip
# Start up the hostmibd daemon
start /usr/sbin/hostmibd "$src_running" "-c MyCommunity"
# Start up the snmpmibd daemon
start /usr/sbin/snmpmibd "$src_running" "-c MyCommunity"
# Start up the aixmibd daemon
start /usr/sbin/aixmibd "$src_running" "-c MyCommunity"


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