How do I configure SNMP for a UCOPIA WiFi controller?

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Configuring SNMP

UCOPIA offers several options relating to the UCOPIA filtering mechanism. To activate SNMP, SNMP requests must be authorised in the filtering parameters.

To do this, go to the "Configuration" > "Network" menu and click on the "Filtering" item in the submenu on the left of the window. The following page is displayed:

ServiceNav - Ucopia - configuration of filtering parameters

Click on add and choose the service:

ServiceNav - Ucopia - configuration of IPs allowed to make SNMP requests

Then you go to the submenu "Interfaces with the controller", then to the SNMP item. We configure the SNMP in version 2, read-only and the community of your choice:

ServiceNav - Ucopia - SNMP community configuration

The changes are applied and the SNMP protocol is set up.

Add to supervision

Then add to the supervision the equipment in category "Router" and the equipment model "Ucopia Controller".

Source:  Ucopia Advance Installation Manual

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