How to search with the mobile application?

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The search feature allows you to access the following items:

  • Company
  • Supervised equipment
  • User services
  • Interventions
  • Contacts
  • Around me

To search for an item press the magnifying glass :


Then select the type of items you are looking for.

research choice

Search for a company

Type at least 3 characters of the name of one of the companies available in the supervision or CRM :

Company search

You can also search by location or postal code:

research ste ville    research ste cp

Click on a company record and access the complete company information.

Tip: quickly find the companies you know by city and make more appointments on each trip!

Search for equipment

Type at least 3 characters of the name of a supervised equipment:

research equipment

Tip: you can also list all the equipment of a company by searching on its name:
research equipment

The category of the equipment is identified by its icon. The company is written in light grey; in our example it is "RPC - Extranet".

Search for a user service

Type at least 3 characters of the name of a user service or its company:

user service research

Search for an intervention

You can search for a task according to its identifierhis company or its location :
search inter by number    research intervention company    research intervention city

Search for a contact

Type at least 3 characters of the name a contact, a companyof its postal code or even a city :

search contact name     search contact by company    search contact city

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