How do I monitor a 3PAR array?

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To supervise a 3PAR rack we have several models available in our catalog => here .

To use the different models it is necessary to use 2 types of supervision accounts: ssh and http

The creation of an ssh account is done directly on the bay's interface in the account creation menu.

For the http part it is necessary to activate a WEB API on the 3PAR system.

You have to connect with ssh on the bay (with putty or other) then in the console perform the following actions:

To check the status of the APIs:

cli% showwsapi
-Service- -State- -HTTP_State - HTTP_Port -HTTPS_State- HTTPS_Port -Version-
Disabled Inactive Disabled 8008 Enabled 8080 1.4.1

To enable the API
cli% startwsapi

The Web Service API starts

to check his condition:

cli% showwsapi
-Service- -State- -HTTP_State- HTTP_Port -HTTPS_State- HTTPS_Port -Version-
Enabled Active Disabled 8008 Enabled 8080 1.4.1

To use the model in http it will be necessary to indicate a connection account on the URL: https://@Ip of the bay3by:8080

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