How to monitor a storwize array

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To monitor a storwize Vx000 array (V3000, V5000, V7000), iYou must create an SSH authentication key, without a passphrase, to connect to the IBM Storwize device with the user nagios. This key should then be integrated into the Storwize array.

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Connect in SSH console mode with the root user.

Check for the presence of the /home/nagios/.ssh folder, and the : ls -la /home/nagios/.ssh

If it does not exist, create it: mkdir /home/nagios/.ssh

If the user/group is not nagios, change the rights : chown nagios:nagios /home/nagios/.ssh

Switch to nagios user: su nagios

Generate key : ssh-keygen

Keep the default options, do not enter a passphrase. You can see that the file is created in the /home/nagios/.ssh directory, and only contains the key on one line.

On your workstation, create a text file containing the contents of /home/nagios/.ssh/, on a single line.

On the IBM Storwize array

Create a nagios user and place it in the group Monitor. Assign the previously created key to it (import the text file).

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Test by connecting to the bay IBM Storwize : ssh nagios@

If the connection is made without a password prompt, the test is positive. If not, it is likely that the key was incorrectly copied / associated with the nagios user created on the IBM Storwize array, carefully repeat the procedure.

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