Integrating a Datametrie (IP-Label) scenario in ServiceNav

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Available since ServiceNav version 4.2, the IP-Label_DataMetrie_Transaction service model allows to collect status and performance information of a Datametrie (IP-Label) scenario in ServiceNav.

Service model configuration

The service model requires 4 parameters:

  • Login
  • Password
  • Transaction ID Datametrie
  • Period of performance

Login and password correspond to those used to identify you on the IP-Label portal and should be requested from the IP-Label teams as needed

The analysis period corresponds to the time period brought up to look at the last execution of the scenario. Generally corresponds to the period of execution of the scenario Datametrie

The transaction ID can be found this way

Open the Datametrie tab

Click on the name of the scenario to be brought up in ServiceNav

In the URL take the value of the field ID_M


Data collected and status

  • The ServiceNav service collects the last average execution time of the Datametrie scenario and reports it as a metric
  • The ServiceNav status corresponds to the Datametrie status as follows:
Datametrie status ServiceNav status
ORANGE Avertissement / Warning
RED Avertissement / Warning *
BLACK Critique / Critical

* from version 4.8 onwards, on earlier versions critical status.


Inclusion in a User Service for Service Weather

As with any ServiceNav service, it is then possible to include it in a User Service displayed in the Service Weather

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