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This documentation is intended for all ServiceNav users who have access to the technical operation and the event log

The event log allows to find all the changes of state confirmed (HARD states) on a set of equipment and/or unit services indicated in the filtering.

The checkbox Accounts and subordinates is active on the event log search.

The search on a whole park is very consuming in resources so it is advisable to filter a priori under penalty of displaying a very important volume of information.

Filtering is relative to:

  • a time slot


  • the category of objects
nagios_journal_2 All equipment and unit services
nagios_journal_5 All equipment and unit services
nagios_journal_3 Equipment only
nagios_journal_4 Unitary services only
  • changes of state
nagios_journal_8 All statuses
nagios_journal_6 All statuses
nagios_journal_7 Critical and alert status
  • status changes (events) and/or associated notifications
nagios_journal_9 Notifications sent and events
nagios_journal_12 Notifications sent and events
nagios_journal_10 Notifications only
nagios_journal_11 Events only
  • the names of the objects
nagios_journal_13 All equipment
nagios_journal_14 All unit services
nagios_journal_15 All unitary services whose name contains CPU and all the equipment
All unit services containing CPU of devices whose name contains COSVGRE

These search filters can be combined to form a complex search.

Search for all events that occurred in the last 24 hours related to to unitary services of my park whose name contains CPU.


Search for all notifications and events of critical status issued yesterday on the equipment in my fleet.


Search for all notifications and events issued yesterday on the equipment in my fleet whose name contains cosvgre10 and all unit services whose name contains


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