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Common Azure/Office 365 configuration

Registration of the ServiceNav application on the tenant

ServiceNav application declaration in Azure AD

  • Log in to the Azure management portal.

  • Left menu: "Azure Active Directory
  • Go to "App registrations
  • Do " New registration ".

    1. Name: ServiceNav
    2. Supported account types: Accounts in this organizational directory only (DOMAIN)

Then " Register ".

We get:

The ServiceNav application is registered.

Creating a key for the application

  • Click on "Certificates & Secrets
  • Click on "New customer secret".
    • Description: name of the key
    • Expires : choose if the key expires, be careful if yes, at expiration the control points will not work anymore.

  • Click on "Add".

Be sure to save the key because it will not be visible afterwards!

Azure specific

Allow the ServiceNav application to use the Azure APIs

  • On the left panel, click on "Resource groups", select the resource group and then "Access control (IAM)".
  • Click on "Add".
    • Role: Reader
    • Select: start typing the name of the previously created application and select it
    • Register

The application now has the right to request and use the token for Azure APIs.

Using Azure checkpoints

To use Azure checkpoints, you need to get :

  • Tenant ID

Click on "Azure Active Directory
Click on "Properties".
We have the directory ID

  • Application ID

Click on "Azure Active Directory
Click on "Application Registration".
Click on the application created for ServiceNav

  • Secret application

To be recorded when created.

  • Subscription ID

Click on "Resource Group
Select the resource group where the virtual machine is located.

Retrieve the subscription ID.

Office 365 specific

Give permission to use the Microsoft Graph Office 365 APIs for ServiceNav :

To monitor Office 365 metrics (supervision of mailboxes, licenses, users, etc. ...):

  • On the Azure portal, the menu on the left, go to "Azure Active Directory", "App Registrations 
  • Select the previously created ServiceNav application.
  • If it does not appear, select "All applications:

  • Click on "Authorized APIs" and then "Add an authorization":

  • Select "Microsoft Graph

  • Select "Application permissions".
  • In the search field, type "reports".
  • Check "Reports.Read.All".

Add the right ServiceHealth.Read.All on the Microsoft Graph API

  • Select "Application permissions".
  • In the search field, type "Health".
  • Check "ServiceHealth.Read.All"

Then "Add permissions".

  • Apply changes :

Click on ""Grant administrator consent for *DOMAIN*"" then ""Yes"":

Remember to grant the authorizations otherwise the addition is not taken into account!

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