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ARTIS.NET 2.5.9 to 3.0


The objective of this document is to describe the integration between ARTIS.NET and ServiceNav: what is the functional interest of this integration, and what are the necessary information to exchange between ARTIS.NET and ServiceNav to make this integration operational.

Value proposition

In the context of IT service production, ServiceNav covers event management. A Service Production Management system typically covers the Incident Management process, integrated with Event Management. The ITIL best practice framework covers in extenso the purpose of these processes and the nature of their interconnection.
Very simply, the diagram below describes the interaction of these two processes through the life cycle of the change of states of a supervisory control in ServiceNav and the life cycle of an incident (DIT) in ARTIS.NET.


These two cycles are not synchronous: closing a ticket in ARTIS.NET will not cause the control to go to the OK state.

In the same way, the operator can very well carry out an action on the component associated with the control, but leave the ticket in observation. The disappearance of the alert state does not automatically cause the ticket to be closed.

The business value proposition of this functional scenario is therefore as follows:

  • Quality of service and Measurement of the operating load linked to supervision: to facilitate the traceability of production actions following the acknowledgement of an event
  • Enhanced efficiency To guide the operator to avoid creating the same ticket several times, and to avoid untimely administrative work.

The following sections detail the integration between ARTIS.NET and ServiceNav to implement this scenario, in a supervision of a company as in the supervision of a fleet of equipment for several companies.

Usage scenarios

The objective of this integration is to perform the following functions:

  • On acknowledgement of an event displayed in ServiceNav, creation of a ticket (DIT) in ARTIS.NET
  • Visualization of the ARTIS.NET ticket with information on its status from the control displayed in ServiceNav and possibility to open directly in the corresponding ticket

The following functional flows are implemented for integration:


Objective Origin Recipient Interaction
Configure: associate a company in ServiceNav with the company in ARTIS.NET ServiceNav ARTIS.NET Ask for the list of companies.
ARTIS.NET ServiceNav Return the list of companies.
ServiceNav Present the list of companies to the user in a list.
Create a ticket containing the information of the supervision event. ServiceNav ARTIS.NET Request the creation of the ticket :

  • Date of creation
  • Company / site
  • Equipment / unit service concerned (in the text)
  • Date of status change
  • Content of the event
ARTIS.NET ServiceNav Ticket creation 
Communication of the ticket number
 ServiceNav Record the ticket number in the database, associated with the control. If a ticket is already associated to this control, it is overwritten: ServiceNav does not keep the history of tickets associated to a control. 
Display of the ARTIS.NET ticket in the ServiceNav interface.
Display the status of a ticket
ServiceNav ARTIS.NET Requesting ticket information based on the ticket number :

  • Status
ARTIS.NET ServiceNav Providing the status of the ticket.

Retrieving the list of companies

In ARTIS.NET each site is attached to a customer. Each customer has one or more sites.
In ServiceNav the notion of organization includes both the notion of company (customer) and site. 
In order for a ticket to be added to an organization's equipment (company or site) through ServiceNav, ARTIS.NET needs to be provided with the company ID and the site ID. 
The CRM link between a ServiceNav organization and ARTIS.NET must register both the customer and the corresponding site in ARTIS.NET 
If this link is defined at company level in ServiceNav, the sub-sites of this company inherit this link by default.
It is then possible to define a link to a different site of the same client for each sub-site of a company in ServiceNav.


The information is retrieved from ARTIS.NET to complete the ServiceNav fields in order to save time when creating the company


Creating a ticket



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