Replace a ServiceNav Box Ubuntu 16.04 with a ServiceNav Box 4.17 Ubuntu 20.04

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Use this procedure to migrate an Ubuntu 16.04 ServiceNav Box to a ServiceNav Box deployed with the master 4.17.1 - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

The principle is as follows:

  • create a new ServiceNav Box
  • from the new ServiceNav Box, run a migration script that copies the data from the old ServiceNav Box, including its network configuration, turns it off and restarts the new ServiceNav Box


Creating the new ServiceNav Box

Get the ServiceNav Box master in the right format from (contact assistance in order to obtain the identifiers)

Import the master into the virtualization environment.

Configure the network for this ServiceNav Box.

Detailed steps here.

Prepare the old ServiceNav Box

The data is copied from the new ServiceNav Box under SSH to the usual port. This port must be open on the old ServiceNav Box, which is the case if both ServiceNav Boxes are on the same LAN.

To test that the usual SSH connection port is open on the old ServiceNav Box, run the following command on the new ServiceNav Box:


In the opposite case, modify the /etc/init.d/ file on the old ServiceNav Box and reload this file.


Connect to the old ServiceNav Box and run the following command:

nagios stop service

Execute the migration

Connect with an SSH client to the new ServiceNav Box.

Run the following command while logged in with the user root:

/usr/local/nagios/bin/ --host  -u coadmin -p  --halt-remote --reboot

Online help for the command

/usr/local/nagios/bin/ -host [host] -u [user] -p [password] [options]

-host Remote box hostname (required).
-port Remote box port
-timeout Connect timeout in seconds (default: 10)
-u, -user Username used to connect to remote box (default: coadmin).
-p, -password Password used to connect to remote box (required).
-o, -output Filepath to log file (default: importConfigurationFromBox.log).
-halt-remote Halt remote box upon operation success (default: false).
-reboot Reboot this host upon operation success (default: false).

Post-migration operations

Reconnect to the new SNB and restart remoteOperationBox : 

service remoteOperationBox restart

Restarting Nagios :

service nagios restart

Reload the configuration of the supervision for SNB from the ServiceNav website.

Test the correct NTP configuration:

ntpq -np

Go back to the email configuration :

dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config

Test sending an email:

echo "mail from snb" | mail -s "mail from snb"

If the old ServiceNav Box was used as a ServiceNav agent feedback collector, the port opposite, which is closed by default, should be opened:

  1. Edit the file /etc/init.d/
  2. Uncomment the line : iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -dport $PORT_NSCA -j ACCEPT
  3. Execute : /etc/init.d/

Restart the snmp service:

service snmpd restart

Check that the supervision data is correctly uploaded to the ServiceNav website.

Important - version 4.17.0 Once the new ServiceNav Box is linked to ServiceNav, go to Configuration > Box, select the ServiceNav Box and click on "Start Migration", in order to upgrade it to version 4.17.1

Changing the password of the user coadmin

Under the coadmin user, do the command


follow the indications to indicate the password of the coadmin account that the script cannot modify for security reasons.

Known errors

If when the script is executed, the following log is displayed:

[ERROR] Migrating network configuration: multiple network interface found: .

This means that the box has several network interfaces and that the script could not automatically select the right network interface to configure.

To solve the problem manually :

  1. Open the file /etc/netplan/90-snb.yaml in edition with root rights
  2. Replace INTERFACE_NAME by the interface name to be configured and save the changes
  3. Run the command netplan apply with root rights to apply configuration changes

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