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Prerequisites for the implementation of supervision

In order to put AWS under supervision via ServiceNav, it is necessary to create an access key with read rights on CloudWatch.

Creating a user

To add a user go to the menu  IAM → Users → add a user

Enter the user's name and select "Programmed Access Type".

Add the CloudWatchReadOnly policy

Leave the other settings as default.

When the user is created, a key ID and a secret access key will be displayed. Retrieve and store them.

Implementation in ServiceNav

At company level in the menu Configuration > General > Supervisory Accounts of ServiceNav, add these two pieces of information to the Amazon Web Service type monitoring account.

This monitoring account also requires the AWS region.

You can find the list of regions at the top right of the AWS management console:


The monitoring account can be overloaded at the device level if you use multiple AWS regions.

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