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The purpose of this document is to show how to set up a first checkpoint using the AWS_Paas_CloudWatch service model.


To do this you will need to create an account on aws dedicated to monitoring and add the api key and the region in ServiceNav. Let this documentation page guide you: adding a ServiceNav user in AWS

Implementation in ServiceNav

Each Amazon service publishes metrics in the CloudWatch service.

Our AWS plugin allows you to retrieve any metric present in CloudWatch.

To monitor a metric from ServiceNav add a unit service based on the AWS-PaaS-Cloudwatch service model.

In the "Availability and control" tab, configure as follows:

  • Name of the metric Indicate the same name as in Cloudwatch (in blue on the following figure).
  • Type of aggregation By default leave average, the samplecount, maximum and minimum values are used to check the data returned by AWS in case of a problem.
  • Period Allows you to modify the period on which the plugin will search for data. By default the plugin searches for data on 15 minutes with a precision of 5 minutes.
  • Dimensions The list of dimensions that identify a metric.
    • a dimension is a couple name (in red on the screenshot) value (in green on the screenshot).
    • the format of a dimension is Name=$Dimension_name,Value=$Dimension_value
    • it is possible to specify several dimensions by separating them with a semicolon.
    • no quotation marks are accepted in the dimensions.
  • Name space Namespaces created by AWS are of the form AWS/1TP2ServiceName (in black on the screenshot).

To get this screen you need to go to cloudwatch then select the metrics tab, navigate to the metrics and select the metric you want to put in supervision from the all metrics tab :

Once the metric is selected, go to the "source" tab to get the information.

Example of ServiceNav configuration:

You can find specific documentation on monitoring the billing of your AWS account on this page: AWS Budget Monitoring

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