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AWS offers many services in the cloud that provide simplicity and flexibility in setting up hosted infrastructures, but knowing and tracking your spending budget is complex and difficult to anticipate.

This difficulty is mainly due to the billing method. The invoice depends on a large number of parameters and in particular on the automatic scalability of the architecture. The latter is indeed able to grow automatically according to the traffic increase.

ServiceNav enables real-time monitoring of your costs

Thanks to the supervision in ServiceNav, it is possible to be alerted as soon as possible when your budget is exceeded.

Configuring Amazon Web Services

To monitor AWS costs from ServiceNav, you need to add the billing information to CloudWatch :

  1. Open the Billing and Cost Management console at
  2. In the navigation panel, select Billing preferences.
  3. Choose Receive billing alerts.
  4. Choose Save preferences.

Once this option is activated, the billing data will be added to CloudWatch within 15 minutes.

Configure ServiceNav

To monitor AWS billing in ServiceNav you just need to add a checkpoint based on the service model AWS-Paas-Cloudwatch to existing equipment

In the availability and control tab, fill in the following:

Region The billing data is all present in the eu-east-1 region. You can override the account configuration at the equipment level if you have several control points.

Name of the metric the name of the metric is available in Cloudwatch, (see the following figure in green)

Dimensions Indicate the name of the dimension (in red) and the value of the dimension (in blue) (see following figure) in the form Name=Dimension_name,Value=Dimension_value

Name space indicate the string "AWS/Billing".

To know the name of the metric, the name of the dimension and the value of the dimension to be filled in, go to the metric tab of CloudWatch, then Billing > by service. Select the metric to retrieve and go to the Source tab.

A page like this one will give you the necessary information:

Here the namespace is circled in black, the metric name is circled in green, the dimension name is in red and the dimension value is in blue.

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