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Identify network bottlenecks with Top Lists



you must configure your environments NetFlow or sFlow according to the technologies used and instantiate the service models NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow-TOPList or NetworkAnalysis-sFlow-TOPList.

Fill in the different fields:

  • Collector Storage: Collector Storage Ip
  • Type of TOP List: Enter the values 1, 2 or 3 depending on the TOP List you want:
    • 1 for Top Talkers
    • 2 for Top Connections
    • 3 for Top Protocols
  • Top Count: Length of the Top List
  • Analysis period in the selected unit: Time value coupled with the "Time unit" field
  • Unit of timeChoice of time unit, m for minute, h for hour, d for day
  • Name of the directory: Path to the directory containing the NetFlow or sFlow exports
  • Only alert in percentage: Bandwidth usage alert threshold in percentage
  • The only criticism in percentage terms: Critical bandwidth usage threshold in percent

Service models NetworkAnalysis-NetFlow-TOPList  and NetworkAnalysis-sFlow-TOPList can be linked to the equipment on which NetFlow and sFlow or any other device, perhaps a dummy device that would centralize all network analysis services.

As a best practice, it is recommended to instantiate at least one NetworkAnalysis-xFlow-TOPList by Top Lists.

If no data are available, please refer to the documentation NetFlow (Checks and Debug sections) or sFlow

Configuring the Network Analysis Widget

Since the Dataviz create a dashboard and instantiate a Widget  Network analysis

Slide the Network Analysis Widget and select one or more Top Lists:

The Widgets Network analysis allow you to have synthetic and extensive views:

Modify the configurations of the Network Analysis Widget such as analysis periods, size or type of Top Lists directly from the service detail sheet by clicking on the icon details:

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