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A tag is nothing more than an indication that classifies an object. In the case of the ServiceNav product, a tag can be applied to equipment or user services.

Tags can be defined at the level of a business partner or a managed customer.

Case of managed customers

It is possible to create labels at the level of a managed customer, in order to adapt the labels to the customer's context.

These labels are visible in the filtering of the technical exploitation, as well as in the configuration of the dashboards, only at the level of the customer or its sites. They are not visible at the level of the partner on which the customer depends.


Case 1: Premium contract

We can create a label = "Premium Contract" at the equipment level, which will have the function of bringing special attention to this equipment.

Case 2: Accounting Team

We can create a label = "Accounting team" at the equipment level, which will determine all the equipment that will be used for the company's accounting team.

Setting up

Label creation

  • In the tab Configuration > General > Label.
  • Click on the button Add.

Configuration - Labels - Adding

  • Fill in the name of the label
  • Note: when creating/adding a new piece of equipment, the Equipment Label field will automatically be filled in with the label(s) defined as "default".

Label - Adding

  • Validate your choice.

Configuration - Labels - List

Adding the label to a piece of equipment

  • Go to the tab Configuration > Equipment > List.

Configuration - Equipment - List

  • Add / modify a device.
  • Go to the tab General information to change the tags that are to be attached to the equipment.

Equipment - modification - labels

  • Validate.
  • Note: it is possible to modify the labels attached to several equipments in batch modification.


Adding the label to a User Service

Configuration tab > User Services :


Search by label

On the Equipment

In the equipment list, you can search for equipment according to the tags that have been defined.

  • Go to the tab Configuration > Equipment > List.


  • Change the search criteria Label with the desired label(s).

Configuration - Equipment - Search - Label

  • Click on Search to validate the search.


On User Services

Configuration tab > User Services :

A filter and a column are present on the list:



Report creation based on the label

Report creation

  • Go to the tab Configuration > Reporting.
  • Add a new report.
  • Configure the report.

Reporting - Configuration - Label - 1

  • In the tab EquipmentSelect the desired labels.

Reporting - Configuration - Label - 2

  • Validate the report.

This report will only include equipment with the selected tags.



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