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How to use setpoint URLs.



Have instructions on a web platform.



Setpoint URLs can be applied to equipment and unit services. They are defined in the "Configuration" section.

The purpose of these URLs is to point to a web-based documentation, indicating the treatment to be followed in case of error for the element in question.


Configuration: add a setpoint

To configure the setpoint URLs, go to the menu :

"Configuration" > "Equipment" or "Services" > "List

You can then add the URLs one by one from the details sheet of the selected item. Ex:

Setpoint - Configuration


You can also add the same instruction to several elements.

  • Select items :

Setpoint - Multiple Selection

  • Choose the action: "Modify the general information":

Instruction - Change general information

  • Enter the URL and validate:

Instruction - URL entry


Operation: open a locker

Once the setpoints are configured, they are accessible in two places:

  • Supervision > Technical Operation > Element detail sheet

Instructions - Element sheet

  • Notification by email

***** Notification of supervision *****

Type: Problem


Service: HTTPS access - From outside

Equipment: DNS - External

IP address:

Category: Server

Date/Time: 10-02-2015 14:50:18


Detailed information:

HTTP CRITICAL: HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable - pattern not found - 493 bytes in 0.039 second response time


Then simply click on the link to access the instruction in a new tab.

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