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As a technician, it is possible to use the "Technician" dashboard to.

To do this, access the "Overview" menu and click on "Technician Dashboard".

It is divided into 4 zones:

  • Action detail

This block displays the details of the selected action in the schedule.

By default, the next scheduled action is selected.

It is possible to enter the displayed action, via the

  • Planning of interventions

This block displays the past and future tasks in the planning view for the logged-in user.

It is possible to switch to a day/week/month view, and select an action to see the details.

  • My requests

The list of current requests assigned to the current user.

It is possible to enter a request form by clicking on its number.

  • Queue

The list of requests assigned to the Queue user (to be set by the administrator in the External Connection).

Most of the time, these are newly created requests from the platform, by the customer.

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